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Give To House of Salvation

Giving financially is an essential part of our worship and service to God.
donation - House of Salvation

Your generosity goes a long way in sharing the love of Christ.

When we give back through tithes and offerings, it's more than a transaction – it's our worship, our gratitude, our devotion to the One who blesses us. Join us in spreading the good news of Jesus through your generosity that echoes beyond the collection plate!

At House of Salvation, we commit 20% of our income to missions, driving world evangelism and supporting initiatives that combat poverty locally and globally. It's not just generosity; it's a mission in action.

Thanks to all who have been sacrificially supporting God's work at House of Salvation. Together, we're making a difference in His name!

We’ll Like to Pray For You

Need prayer? We would love to pray for you. You can submit a prayer request below.